Friday, July 22, 2016

To Motor Home Owners:                                                                                   26 July 16
The Santa Barbara City Council may pass a law preventing you from parking your vehicle on city streets. The City Council is tentatively scheduled to vote on a ban of oversized vehicles on Tuesday, September 27 at 2 p.m., City Hall, 2nd floor.
Important points: There will be exemptions, such as commercial vehicles and RVs or vehicles with a disabled placard or handicapped license plates. Also, the City will adopt a definition of a vehicle that is too large. See the City Attorney’s proposed dimensions below:
“Oversized vehicle” means any vehicle, as that word is defined in state Vehicle Code Section 670, or a combination of connected vehicles, which exceeds twenty-five (25') feet in length, or eighty (80") inches in width, or eighty-two (82") inches in height, exclusive of such projecting lights or devices as are expressly allowed pursuant to the state Vehicle Code as it now exists or hereafter may be amended. Oversized vehicle shall not mean or include a pickup truck, which is less than twenty-five (25') feet in length and eighty-two (82") inches in height.
Worth Street Reach has organized a group called Wheels Liaison for residents who live in their Motor Homes – seeking you to join in a united voice asking the City to consider alternatives, such as expanding the Safe Parking Program, giving protection to people on the Safe Parking waiting list, allowing daytime parking for families and handicapped at the Carrillo Commuter Lot, Earl Warren Showgrounds and elsewhere.
We will ask the City to recognize Motor Homes as “emergency homes” providing shelter and safety with ability to stay off the streets while housing has been as low as .01%. We will ask the City to find sanctioned places for Motor Home owners to park overnight and during the day when our children go to school and we go to work.
People who live in their Motor Homes must unite and step up and speak to City Council members – either by meeting with them privately in their offices, or attending City Council meetings (before the September 27 hearing!) to make statements during the public comment period that begins at 2 p.m. on Tuesdays. The City Council meets on these upcoming Tuesdays: July 26, August 2, August 9, September 6, September 13, and September 20.
Wheels Liaison will help you write a statement. They are coordinating meetings with City Council members. It is important that policy makers know that you are good people who live, vote in, and work in Santa Barbara.
Please join our meetings and our email

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